Monday 16 May 2016

Introvert Nation - Episode III

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In the days gone by your caste was your profession. It decided your social status. Then came the hardworking (and cunningly intelligent) business men who rose above and beyond caste boundaries. They, however, decided to give their children a good education, and hence open up professions once were closed for them. Wealth decided your profession. Now there is the intelligent and hardworking children breaking into the higher social class, and fighting for the right of profession to be based on intelligence and hard work. You can argue profession was, and is, a birth right (if you wanna argue that intelligence is genetically inherited, but why should I).

The mouse merchant

We are precariously placed in phase of a transition; in our case wealth, intelligence and hard work all play a role. What you do not have in intelligence you can make up in working a bit harder or getting a better tutor, if you got coins to throw about. All this is for the sake of achieving a socially acceptable status: A better job, a fancy job, a cooler job. Every parents dream. 

Fighting to keep education as a right of intelligent and hardworking as measured by examination results would keep us happy for a while. The next transition- soon to come or has already arrived- is the demolition of socially acceptable trades. It’s all about what ever makes me happy, a good pay cheque too - maybe. The hyper connected capitalist world is creating aberrant job titles; you tubers, viners, social entrepreneurs. World is moving from one of making stuff to one of selling stuff.

Everyone needs a degree (if government can’t provide it the private entities have to). Everyone wants a job that dresses nice and sweats less. 

There would eventually be a huge void in skilled labour market (Americans know all too well about this). The equilibrium would be a society irrevocably split on wealth - if you make the cut the poor today will be rich tomorrow. No middle ground. 

The one thing every one (specially this idiot) tend to forget is that our food comes from plants (or food of your food does). Materials for the ICs in your PC is mined in a dimly lit mine somewhere across the world. Someone takes out your trash. Someone sews your cloth.  Someone lays the cables for your internet (oh! Is it Wi-Fi? Ok then).

However, in our country and in our culture, a lot of pieces are in place. We already have got the remaining pieces. We need a giant hand to put them in place. 

“මඩ සෝදා ගත් කල ගොවියා රජ කමටත් සුදුසු යි”

"a farmer in clean cloths is a worthy king"

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